LEFKADA, GREECE - tel. (+30) 2645021332 - fax. (+30) 2645029453
Christos Stratos - mob. (+30) 6945362891 - mail. beachmil@otenet.gr

The restaurant has always been considered
a stamping ground of the island of Lefkada.
In 2017 we continue to support
the traditional mediterranean cuisine with creative taste suggestions.

Aero offers not only a rich variety in domestic wines,
but also of other special kinds of wines
pure drinks and barrel of beers.
The design of the decoration
is inspired by the alterations of the four seasons of the year
always with respect to the natural environment.
Lounge atmosphere, live music and dance evenings
will change your visit into a unique experience.

Hospitality, happenings, new video hits and summer parties
make your visit a pleasant experience.

Some of our typical dailies menu

Greek Salad "Farmer Style" - Pastitsio - Baked Apple
Mixed Vegetable Salad - Mousaka or Eggplant "Show" - Walnut-Chocolate Pie in Syrup
Green Salad - Veal Stew - Yoghurt with Honey
Plate of Cold Pasta with Vegetables and Olives - Pork Skewer - Yoghurt with Fruits
Vegetable Risotto - Seafood Skewer - Assorted Fruits of the Season
Tomato-Cucumber Salad - Chicken with Vegetables and Olives - Greek Sweets fresh from the Oven
Lentil Salad - Codfish in Garlic - Traditional "Oil Pie"
Oregano Bread - Fresh Saefood of the Season - Greek Sweets fresh from the Oven
Tuna Salad - Spaghetti with Vegetables - Halvas
Greek Sald "Farmer Style" - Pork Cutlet with Spinache - Apple Souffle
Lefkadian Cheese Pie - Stuffed Pork from the Oven - Assorted Fruits of the Season
Green Salad - Meatrolls "Soutsoukakia Smirneika" - Sweet Greek Full Cream Cheese
Plate of Cold Pasta with Tuna and Vegetables - Stuffed Vegetables or "Tourlou" - Baked Flan

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We take over the complete arrangement and organization of every ceremony
of your social event according to your personal dreams and desires

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